Eurasian Centre for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Health Care (ECAQA)

Workshop «Accreditation of Basic Medical Education & Role of Reviewers»

  • Total hours – 24
  • Format - presentations, practical tasks, work in groups, control
  • Completion form - Certificate of Reviewers




1. Standards/criteria and their use in accreditation

  • Introduction: Role of standards/criteria in accreditation
  • National rules and regulations
  • Adaptation/national specification of standards
  • Institutional specifications

  • The World Federation for Medical Education Global Standards
    • International Design Strategies for Medical Curricula Across the Continuum;
    • Reflections on Indicators for Measuring Curriculum/Institutional Quality.


2. Role of Reviewers

  • Introduction: Establishing a collegial, interactive and constructive process. Solving problems related to potential conflict of interest and confidentiality of information from individuals.
  • The reviewer tasks in general
  • The national system of accreditation and its requirements
  • Attention to significant local circumstances (socio-cultural, economic & political conditions, the health care delivery system, disease pattern)


3. Self-evaluation, the basis for external evaluation, quality improvement &accreditation

  • Introduction: Reading the self-evaluation report
  • Content of report, coverage, comprehensiveness etc
  • Conclusions regarding fulfilment of standards (e.g. WFME Global Standards)
  • Awareness of own strengths and weaknesses

  • Appraisal of the evidence basis, especially the relation between documentation and conclusions
  • Missing and unclear information, if necessary request for supplementary information
  • Working in groups


4. Planning and carrying out the external evaluation and site visit

  • Introduction: Purpose of the external evaluation and site visit
  • Planning the programme in collaboration with the host institution
  • Sources of information: Meetings and visits, interviews and observation. Collecting detailed written information (examples of course plans, reading lists etc.)
  • Internal work in the team (prior to, during and at the conclusion of the visit)
  • Conclusions regarding fulfilment of standards, strengths and weaknesses
  • Preliminary reporting to medical school
  • Writing the report and obtaining factual corrections
  • Working in groups


5. Recommendations regarding accreditation

  • Introduction: Conclusions regarding fulfilment or lack of fulfilment of standards. Brief account of supporting evidence.
  • Recommendations to the medical school regarding corrective actions and quality improvement
  • Recommendations to the authorities regarding the decision on accreditation
  • Working in groups


  • Reflection and discussion
  • Conclusions of the Workshop
  • Closure of the Workshop
  • The Ceremony to Award the Certificates


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