Complaints Procedure

In order to implement the Procedure, the Commission on addressing complaints from accredited education organizations has been established and is operational
A “Complaint“ is written to express frustration, or if an entity requires to restore and protect violated rights or legitimate interests related to the quality of services, actions of the ECAQA employees or the EEC members during the institutional or specialized accreditation. The subject of the complaint may be any decisions, actions and inactions of the employees and the external experts of the accreditation body, if such decisions and actions have violated the rights and obligations of the complainant.
If the education organization is not satisfied with the services provided by the ECAQA, it should inform the observer or the chairperson of the EEC visiting the medical education organization. If the education organization has not managed to solve the problem on the spot, it has the right to write a complaint letter to the Commission. A complaint is submitted in an arbitrary manner in compliance with ethical standards and signed by the first head or deputy head of the medical education organization When considering a complaint, the Commission respects the confidentiality of information classified as commercial secret and personal data.
  1. The Commission considers the claimant's complaints received only in writing on the official letterhead signed by the head of the education organization, and addressed to the Director General of the ECAQA;
  2. The Commission makes a decision containing recommendations on the complaint for the Director General the ECAQA within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the complaint;
  3. Consideration of the complaint is not a prerequisite for the re-accreditation procedure.

Appeal Procedure

The Appeal Commission was established to ensure protection of interests, guarantees, and enforcement of the rights of medical education organizations, as well as consideration of appeals by the accredited education organizations.
An "Appeal" is a reasoned written application from the education organization for disagreement with the results of the recommendatory decision of the External Expert Commission and with the decision of the ECAQA Accreditation Council (AC) on accreditation.                            
An appeal is filed within the next 7 working days from the time when the medical education organization has received the written notification of the decision taken by the Accreditation Council Consideration of the appeal is not a prerequisite for the procedure of institutional and / or specialized re-accreditation of the medical education organization Following the consideration of the appeal, the Commission has the right to recommend the Accreditation Council reach a new decision.
  1. The Appeal Commission makes a decision containing recommendations on the appeal for the AC within 30 calendar days from the receipt of the appeal ;
  2. The decision of the AB is brought to the attention of the applicant in writing within 14 calendar days following the decision the AC ;
  3. The decision taken by the Commission and the AC may be appealed by the applicant in court in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Repeated appeal is not admitted. Appeal claims are not considered .

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