ECAQA has developed and is applying a Quality Assurance Programm (hereinafter referred to as the Programme) to implement a Policy in the field of quality assurance of internal processes of ECAQA functioning.

The Quality Assurance programme is a regulatory document that reflects the quality policy and the relevant intentions and directions of the ECAQA development in the field of quality in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG 2015) (Part 3: Standards and Guidelines for External Quality Assurance Agencies).

The task of ensuring the quality of the activities and sustainable development of the accreditation body (ECAQA) requires appropriate knowledge and skills of employees in the field of quality management and the availability of an effective organizational structure.

In fact, the quality policy determines the direction of the ECAQA development and it publishes the main priorities and value guidelines that the accreditation body adheres to in relation to all major and other stakeholders (authorized bodies in the field of education and health, international quality networks, educational organizations, foreign and Kazakhstani organizations and partner associations, university and college teachers, students, representatives of practical health care, manufacturing and business, etc.).

The ECAQA management provides quality management, i.e. activities that include planning, goal-setting, ensuring, monitoring, improving the quality of work and services provided to educational organizations in the field of institutional and/or specialized (programmatic) accreditation.

The programme defines the scope of the internal quality assurance system, the processes of intra-structural interaction, as well as the development of employees in the field of quality assurance.

The programme contains a description of the interaction of quality assurance processes and is a corporate document of ECAQA.

The Programme specifies what the ECAQA leadership is going to do to implement the stated priorities and value orientations.

The programme is coordinated with the general corporate policy and strategic plan, determines the expected results and the necessary resources to achieve the goals.

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