Experts board eurasian centre for accreditation and quality assurance in higher education and health care (ecaqa)

The Expert Board (EB) is a governing body that includes the Chairs of Expert Committees on Educational Programmes relevant to specialties and levels of education.

As part of the Expert Board, the Expert Committees are formed on the specialization areas and training levels in:

  1. Medicine (Institutional, Programme Accreditation, including Residency Programmes);
  2. Dentistry (Programme Accreditation of a Bachelor’s Degree);
  3. Public Health and Preventive Medicine (Programme Accreditation of a Bachelor’s Degree);
  4. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology and Industry (Programme Accreditation of a Bachelor’s Degree);
  5. Master Programmes, PhD Programmes and PhD degrees by course of study;
  6. Nursing (Institutional and Programme Accreditation of a Bachelor’s Degree, Institutional and Programme Accreditation of TVET).

The Expert Board responsibilities:

Involving faculty, administrative and management staff of medical education organizations, employers and researchers as ECAQA experts in the accreditation process and external evaluation of medical education organizations and/or educational programmes.

Create the expert databases on the basis of compliance with qualification requirements and nominated from the appropriate organizations, including international associations and organizations.

Training experts (academic experts, employers, students).

Developing and Review of the Standards and Guidelines for Institutional/Specialized (Programme) Accreditation .

Developing proposals for improving institutional processes and internal mechanisms for ensuring the quality of medical education organizations and improving educational programmes on the basis of results of external evaluation.


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